The Archive of Centre

Documents obtained from studies conducted in archives that relate to the recent history of the city, such as national and international archives, libraries, collections, public and private institutions, personal archives, research institutions, and research centers are compiled at the Center. These documents are open to use of researchers.

All of the followings are achieved in digital format:

  • A total of one thousand a hundred eighty-four photographs before 1960, some of which have collection value. 
  • Eighty-four pieces of written documents and eighty-five pieces of court records (žer’iyye sicili)
  • Maps for Mersin and its surroundings dating back before the foundation of the Republic and a large number of plans within the Republic era.
  • Ninety-one books about Mersin and its hinterland 
  • Twenty-five theses (masters and doctorate)
  • A total of sixty-three oral history recordings (about one hundred and twenty hours of audio and video recordings) are available.