The Establishment Regulation of AKKENT

(Official Gazette number 24125 and dated July 30, 2000)

The Establishment

Article 1: By this the regulation, AKKENT (abbreviation) "Mersin University, Center for Mediterranean Urban Studies" is established depending on the Mersin University Administration (Rector) according to the Administration of Higher Education Law numbered 2547 amended by Law No. 2880 article 3's (j) paragraph and article-7's (d) paragraph's of second sub-paragraph.


Article 2: In this regulation;

  • the University means "Mersin University"
  • the Rector means "the Rector of Mersin University"
  • the Center means "AKKENT-Mersin University,Center for Mediterranean Urban Studies",
  • the Director means "the Director of the Study Center"


Article-3: The aims of the Center are, in the Mediterranean Region, making urban / environmental issues through investigations and research to provide background information and documents, setting up urban special items date archive and problem solving, developing authentic method and techniques to meet the needs of local authorities-institutions and contributing the formation of an urban archival and library for the provision of healthy urban / environmental development

Study Topics

Article 4: The Center, makes investigation, research and implementation works within the scope of its aims in the following topics;

  1. Architectural and similar projects of single building or groups of buildings,
  2. Urban design and Landscape projects,
  3. City development plans,
  4. Documentation and restoration projects of the historic buildings,
  5. The construction, landscaping, materials research, laboratory studies, photogrammetric surveys,
  6. Urban management and planning projects,
  7. Information, provision and evaluation of all documents of the Republican period and the earlier periods,
  8. For the purpose of contributing regional / urban history investigation, detection, and keeping consciousness live and constructing the formation of consciousness by means of researches and scientific meetings,
  9. Within the center, the creation of an archival and library, collecting these archival and library by donation, purchasing or copying of the written and printed works in the private and public organizations and individuals.

The Units of the Center

Article 5: the Units of the Center include:
  1. The Director Board
  2. The Director
  3. The Advisory Board

The Director Board

Article 6: The Director Board consists of 5 members including one chairman. Members are selected from the university teaching staff, at least 3 members from the Faculty of Architecture. The mandate of the members of the Director Board is 3 years. Board members and the Director whose term ends may be reappointed.

The Duties of the Director Board

Article-7: The duties and responsibilities of the Board are;

  1. decree the annual study report, plans and programs and prepare the draft of the budget,
  2. decree the selection of the project groups or units and their managers and the determination of the rules of operation
  3. decree on the topics in the Article-4 of this Regulation,
  4. decree on the topics defined by the Director,

The Director

Article-8: One of proposed three university teaching staffs by University Executive Board, appointed as director of the Center for three years by the Rector. Ended task director will be re-appointed by same process. The director may appoint two assistant while his/her tenure. The director's assistant performs the duties defined by the director. When the director on duty there, one of his/her assistant may appointed to represent for him/her. This representation cannot be more than Six months. The director changes his/her assistant at any time. The assistants' duties ended with the duty of the Director.

The Duties of the Director

Article-9: The duties of the director are;

  1. represent the Center, carrying out the works of the Center under the control and supervision of the Director Board,
  2. prepare the short-mid and long term aims and strategic plan of the Center, and implement the strategic plan after the opinions and approval of the Director Board
  3. suggest project groups or research and investigation groups and their managers to The Director Board
  4. set the study teams of research, investigation or project groups,
  5. determine the draft of the budget and the needs of personnel and offer to the Director Board,
  6. arrange, implement and monitor the activities of groups in the structure of the Center,
  7. prepare the annual reports on time and offer to the Director Board.

Project or Research-Investigation Groups

Article-10: The project units of research-investigation groups may be established with the offer of the Director and the decision of the Director Board on building, landscape, urban and environmental research, investigation, planning, education, publications and the topics in the Article-4 of this Regulation. The personnel's transferring is possible between that units and groups according to study topics.

The Duties of Project or Research-Investigation Groups

Article-11: Project or Research-Investigation Groups are responsible with the execution of varying works of the Center. Groups are studied within the context of Article-4 of this regulation under the control and supervision of their managers.

The Advisory Board

Article-12: Within the Center's objectives and work areas an Advisory Board can be established to increase efficiency and productivity in the Center' works, gain new ideas and use the experience and their service on the needed topics
Article-13: The members of the Advisory Board are selected by the approval of the Director Board.
Article-14: The meeting dates of the Advisory Board will be determined by the Director after the preparations by the Director Board and call is made to the members. Director will chair the meetings.

The Personnel Needs

Article-15: The academic, technique and administrative personnel needs of the Center, are met with the appointed personnel by the Rector according to related articles of the Administration of Higher Education Law numbered 2547.
Article-16: The responsibility of budget expenditures of the Center is the Rector. If Rector will, the responsibility on budget may be delegated to the Director.
Article-17: The matters not covered by the Regulation, performed in accordance with general provisions.


Article-18: This regulation enters into force on the date of publication.


Article-19: The provisions of this regulation shall be enforced by the Rector of Mersin University.