Urban Studies

In accordance with its purposes, the Center for Mediterranean Urban Studies holds various activities. The data obtained during these activities are collected in the Archive of the Center.

The Center for Mediterranean Urban Studies differs from other centers in its emphasis on "space”.

Presentations, discussions, findings of the researches obtained through various activities of the Center are published as University Publications.

Mersin University Center for Mediterranean Urban Studies works with an integrated and comprehensive way. Data, information and findings, obtained through projects provide inputs for the other projects in a holistic approach. Studies of the Center focus on two main topics. These are;

  1. Documentation -  Field Research / Survey
  2. Urban History Researches

a- Documentation - Field Research / Survey

Located in the building of the Faculty of Architecture, Mersin University, the Center had completed a Scientific Research Project supported by the University, in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture. “Urban Cultural Heritage Documentation Project", aimed at documentation of urban cultural heritage in Mersin Historic City Center. A documentary report was printed as a final product of the study by the university publication. Information on that book can be accessed from "http://kitap.mersin.edu.tr/index.php?baslangic=20".

As the first phase of the efforts to produce a database on an ongoing basis, the Documentation Project aims to develop a methodology in accordance with the distinctive characteristics of the area that includes indexing, documentation and archiving of data.

b- Urban History Researches

Urban history studies carried out by the Center are multi-dimensional. They consist of,  

  • B.1- Studies conducted in archives that relate to the recent history of the city, such as national and international archives, libraries, collections, public and private institutions, personal archives, research institutions, and research centers.
  • B.2- Studies for sustaining the history of the city through unwritten sources by making oral history interviews with local personalities who have witnessed recent history of Mersin.
  • B.3- Studies for the establishment of an archive and documentation: The Center aims to collect published material that relate to Mersin and its region, such as research, books, theses, and reports, alongside visual material such as archival documents, maps, postcards, etc. In this regard, dissertations on Mersin and its region from The Theses Center of the Higher Education Council Library, and urban development plans, planning reports and current maps from municipalities have been collected in the archive of the Center.