Sharing of Information/Experience


The Center for Mediterranean Urban Studies, shares information and experience, gained through many projects for the purpose of public interest with many institutions and organizations.

Presentations and evaluations about the problems of the city and suggestions for solutions are shared with the large public through symposia, congresses, workshops and other meetings which are organized by local governments as well as with various local press agencies in line with the area of expertise.

In this frame, Director of the Center Prof. Dr. Tamer Gök and Expert Tülin Selvi Ünlü  as members of the Advisory Committee have reported their opinions and suggestions to Naval Forces Command of the Mediterranean Region during the foundation process of Mersin Maritime Museum.

In this regard, The Center supports development of a strong relationship and an interactive communication between the university and the city. At the same time The Center contributes to the development of urban culture, maintaining and sustaining urban memory, strengthening the identity of the city, development of the city's vision.