Aim / Mission

Mersin University Center for Mediterranean Urban Studies aims;

  • to conduct studies on urban and open their results to provide social benefit to users
  • to develop urban projects
  • to establish city archives
  • to conduct studies in order to found a city museum that will help to sustain the relationship between city and residents in the city and their history


Objectives of the Center to achieve the above aims are;

  • to produce conceptual and implementation oriented urban projects,
  • to arrange, particularly with the Faculty of Architecture, activities that will contribute to education (presentations, workshops, seminars, research and internship opportunities in projects, etc),
  • to conduct research, organize scientific meetings and to make publications in order to promote studies on urban development history, documentation of urban qualities and to contribute to forming and strengthening of urban consciousness,
  • to establish a city archive and library within the Center, and to collect the written and printed "materials" under the holding of private and public institutions and persons, by means of donation, buying and copying,
  • to carry out studies and projects related with the above aims, in cooperation with the institutions in the city, and to share the produced information with the institutions, organizations and the individuals.

The process to achieve the objectives is taken into consideration as the basis for studies in the Center.

In this respect the Center for Mediterranean Urban Studies adopts

an interactive, participatory and process-oriented approach